Maximum Male Performance: An Owner's Manual

Great Sex Needs More than a "Little Blue Pill"
Maximum Male Performance Customer Comments

Finally someone to come forward with a positive plan of action on this stuff! Great!!!

T.S., Palo Alto, CA

I just bought your book and some of the supplements you recommend on July 29, 2006 and am pleased that I am seeing results in less than 1 week!

C.O., Springfield, MA

I hope a lot of men buy the new sexual health book and that women buy it for their men. Great stuff that a lot of people really need whether they want to admit it or not ;-)

M.M., Los Angeles, CA

I would like to say it was wonderful to read a straight forward book that is well referenced.

C.W., Roanoke, VA

Bravo! Marvelous, Marvelous Work!


My wife and I have been together for 36 years (since I was 16) and since I've started following your advice, she keeps telling me that I'm better now than when I was 18! She keeps asking me: "What are you doing? Going for a World Record?" We haven't been this happy with our love life in years. Thanks Dr. Wong!

A.N., CO

Before I started your program, my wife complained out my lack of frequency. I just didn't have the gumption anymore. Now, my 'frequency' has increased and that's what she likes!

H.R., WA

After following your recommendations, my wife keeps telling me: "Your a Horny Ole Bastard." Which is not bad for a 56 year old! Thanks for all the work you do! My friends are taking Viagra and I have better results without all the side-effects. I keep telling them they can do things naturally but they don't believe me...... but my wife does!

E.U., NC

It's like you are 18 again only better because now you know what you're doing!!!

C.B., CO

Your book "The Care and Feeding of a Penis" is great. I ordered some products from you and received them this weekend. By following your advice with them I can already feel a difference. Dramatically. I am 36 and have been having ED since I was 33. I considered that WAY to early, but had no answers. Now I might.
Thank you,

Dear Dr. Wong,
Last week I received and read your new "Care And Feeding....." book and I just want to tell you I enjoyed it. Some things I am already doing and some things  were new to me. Thank you for writing it.
R. J., Ontario Canada

I really enjoyed your new 75 page Tome/Book/Manual: 'The Care and Feeding Of A Penis' (Owner's manual) -- -- -- Frankly, I bought it for the 'Dirty Pictures' - ...alas, nothing but 'hard-core' factual scientific information!!!!...

   ...Congrats on The Manual - It really brought up things I wish I knew when I was 27, instead of 67!!

B.T., NJ

Using the techniques in Dr. Wong's manual, I have outgrown 2 penis pump cylinders: 1 for width, and 1 for length. Now I'm on to a larger size cylinder. Thanks Dr. Wong!

B.W., TX

I've tried A LOT of penis enlargement products (especially the pills) and none of them worked for me. But after a few months of following your system, my penis is bigger, I last longer during sex and can make love with my wife several times a night! She loves it! What a great system.

J.L., OK

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