Maximum Male Performance: An Owner's Manual

Great Sex Needs More than a "Little Blue Pill"
Maximum Male Performance Table of Contents
Maximum Male Performance Book
  Introduction: The size of the problem
  Chapter 1: Freud's Question Answered
    What Women Want and the Problems We Face Giving it to Them.
  Chapter 2: Restoring Erection Size and Strength
    A). Ability and Desire
    B). Blood Flow or the Lack of It
    C). Austin Powers in Denial
  Chapter 3: Peyronies, The Bent Nail Syndrome
    How you Get it: How you Fix it!
  Chapter 4: It's a Muscle Not a Bone
    Exercises to Increase Thickness and Hardness.
  Chapter 5: Sex Needs More Than a Little Blue Pill
    The real makers of long lasting erections.
  Chapter 6: Where the "CHI" for Sex Comes From
    What Chinese Medicine says is the root of Sexual Energy.
  Chapter 7: Daily Feeding and Pro Sexual Nutrition
    Making yourself 18 again.
  Chapter 8: When All Else Fails - Pro-Sexual Drugs
    Resurrecting the dead.
  Chapter 9: Tying It All Together

  Appendix 1: What are Systemic Enzymes and What Do They Do?
  Appendix 2: Soy: The Poison Seed
  Appendix 3: Building Manly Men
  Appendix 4: Junk Medical Science
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