Maximum Male Performance: An Owner's Manual

Great Sex Needs More than a "Little Blue Pill"
Why You Need this Book: Q and A with Dr. Wong

Don't Let it Happen To You!

"As men age each aspect of sexual ability begins to decline until by 45 or 50 most men hit the sexual wall with decreased penis size, decreased erection ability and lack of desire."

Rebuilding and Maintaining Virility is a multi-dimensional issue demanding a multi-dimensional solution!

Here's Some of What You'll Learn in Dr. Wong's book, Maximum Male Performance, to Fight this Multi-Dimensional Problem:

  • Early warning signs of decreased virility; what causes it and how you can help stop it.
  • Exercises to increase blood flow & circulation to the lower body.
  • Commonly used herbs you should avoid unless you want to kill your virility.
  • Complete program of male anti-aging to preserve your virility into old age.
Q: Viagra and Cialis are all I need to have great sex, right?

A: Absolutely not! Viagra and Cialis only mask the underlying problem. Taking drugs like these without working on the root cause will not help increase your health. Remember, decreased sexual ability is an early sign of decreasing health!

Q: Is hair loss a sign of decreasing health?

A: Hair loss can be an early warning sign of decreasing virility. There are numerous causes of hair loss from the simple too little protein to the more complicated low thyroid function and hormonal disruption! It should definitely not be ignored as 'normal aging'!

Q: You mention herbs that can kill virility, what do you mean?

A: Some of the herbs found in a lot of the penis enlargement pills and most of the prostate or men's health formulas were initially used to help women entering Menopause! That means they act as estrogens and estrogen can actually kill a man's sex drive, make his penis smaller, and swell-up his prostate!

Interesting Facts

"After 27 both flaccid size and erection size begin to shrink and after 35 deep passionate sexual desire goes out the window!"

The average erect penis size has decreased from 6+ inches in the 60's and early 70's to 5+ inches in the 90's and 2000's and it's still decreasing!


  • Over 72% of all women need a larger and thicker penis to reach sexual orgasm.
  • 94% of all women agree a larger penis is a visual turn-on and believe that size does make a difference.
  • 67% of all women are not pleased with their lovers' penis size
  • 76% of women want sex more than their lover's provide.
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