Maximum Male Performance: An Owner's Manual

Great Sex Needs More than a "Little Blue Pill"

It is a common fact that most men begin to lose their libido and sexual ability at the age of 35. For some men, it may begin at an earlier age and still other men may never experience an active, healthy libido at all. Why is that important?

Because a healthy libido and strong sexual ability are signs of good health. Besides the obvious immediate improvement to sexual performance, maintaining or improving virility should be the long-term view of every man's sexual health. Commonly associated with vigor, health, sturdiness, constitution and the ability to father children, a man's virility simply shows how healthy he is.

While the onset of decreased libido (and sexual function) can be embarrassing, more importantly it is your early warning sign of declining health and should be addressed sooner rather than later.

In his book, Maximum Male Performance: An Owners Manual, Dr. Wong opens the doors to the multitude of factors affecting a man's complete sexual ability or his virility. He does not merely discuss one exercise or one supplement that can be used to mask a problem or give you a quick fix. The information Dr. Wong provides in this book is meant to help the reader understand the aging process, identify the warning signs and take steps to slow down the process so they can continue to have a virile life through old age.

If you are a man who wants to feel like a man in every way including drive, passion, will-power, strength, sexual ability, and good health Or if you know a man and these are the things you wish for him then you need to read this book!


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